Academic courses


Undergraduate Postgraduate
01. Energy Economics (ECON237)
This course introduces some of the key concepts and terms of reference within the field of energy economics and it then focuses, in particular, on the hydrocarbon-rich Arabian Gulf states.

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01. Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
The UAE in the Global Business Environment (ECON 605) provides an in depth understanding of how international business issues affect the UAE and how the UAE is positioning itself in the global economy.

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02. Money and Banking (ECON215)
This course examines the nature of money and the banking system, including: monetary policy; the role played by the commercial and central banking systems in the expansion of the money supply. It also covers foreign exchange markets and exchange rate targeting policies, with particular reference to the economies of the Arabian Gulf.

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02. Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)
Literature Review & Critique (DBA905)
provides a comprehensive overview of literature reviews, including hands-on practice with EndNote. It focuses on discussing, critiquing, and developing this key section of a doctoral dissertation as well as guidance on how to maintain a bibliographic index.

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03. Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON125)
This course is an introduction to macroeconomic analysis and its application to Arabian Gulf and Middle Eastern economies. It considers how the size, composition and distribution of national income are determined, and goes on to explore inter alia, the problems of inflation and unemployment.

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