Dr. Emilie J. Rutledge is an Associate Professor of Economics at the United Arab Emirates University. She holds a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Durham (2006; fully funded by a scholarship from the UK Government’s Economic and Social Research Council). She has a Master’s in Economics (Birkbeck College, University of London; with Distinction) and a Bachelor’s in Economics and Arabic (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; with First Class Honors).

Emilie Rutledge is the author of Monetary Union in the Gulf: Prospects for a Single Currency in the Arabian Peninsula (2009 hardback; 2012 paperback), and specializes in Arabian Gulf economic diversification strategies at UAEU. In the past few years she has published a range of articles in respected journals covering both regional economic integration and labour market reforms. During this period she has conducted research and provided consultancy services to various international and regional institutions, including Oxford Analytica, the Gulf Research Center, the Dubai Council for Economic Affairs, the Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy, the Federal Demographic Council and Abu Dhabi’s General Secretariat for the Executive Council.

Prior to taking up her position at UAEU, Emilie was an economist at the Gulf Research Centre (Dubai). Her non-academic, professional career also includes time at Investec Asset Management in the City of London, where she was a Fixed Income Analyst. She also worked for Her Majesty’s Treasury (the UK’s Finance Ministry), where she was a member of the Productivity and Structural Reform team.

Emilie’s current research interests include Arabian Gulf economic diversification – the strategic goal of transitioning from an oil-dependent to a knowledge-based economy – and ways in which private sector labour force nationalisation can be implemented in a sustainable (i.e. productive and internationally competitive) manner.